Researchers & PhD Fellows

Hege Ersdal_Foto høyoppløsningDr. Hege Langli Ersdal 
Anesthesiologist and Associate Professor affiliated to the University of Stavanger and SAFER (Stavanger Acute medicine Foundation for Education and Research). Hege is the Project Manager and Principal Investigator for the Safer Births Project. She is also the main supervisor for Estomih Mduma, Dr. Jørgen Linde and Dr. Robert Moshiro, as well as co-supervisor for Dr. Monica Thallinger, and Dr. Paschal Mdoe


Jørgen Erland Linde

Dr. Jørgen E. Linde
Medical Doctor under specialization in Pediatrics and currently working as a PhD fellow for Stavanger University Hospital at Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania. Jørgen is doing research on the cardio-respiratory transition at birth, using the Laerdal Newborn Resuscitation Monitor to collect data at the labor ward in Haydom.


Jeffrey PerlmanProf. Jeffrey Perlman
Prof. of Pediatrics at the New York Center for Children’s Health/Cornell Medical Center and director of Division of Newborn Medicine at Cornell Medical College’s Department of Pediatrics. Jeffrey is a world-renowned expert in neonatal medicine and co-chairman of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. In the project he is co-supervisor for PhD fellows Dr. Jørgen Linde, Dr. Monica Thallinger, Estomih Mduma and Dr. Robert Moshiro.


Monika2Dr. Monica Thallinger
Pediatrician by profession with extensive experience of working in low resource settings with Doctors Without Borders, Monica is currently doing a PhD at the University of Oslo. Her research will include randomized controlled trials in Tanzania and Norway using testing the newly developed Upright Resuscitator, and a new low-cost PEEP.


TrygveProf. Trygve Eftestøl
Professor at the Department of Electrical engineering and Computer science at the University of Stavanger and part of the  Biomedical data analysis group. Trygve has extensive experience with working on resuscitation data signals and is the suprevisor for PhD fellow Huyen Vu.


Prof. Thorkild Tylleskär
Professor in pediatrics at the Center for International Health in Bergen, with extensive experience in Global Health research. Thorkild is the co-supervisor of the PhD fellow Dr. Robert Moshiro.




Dr. Robert Moshiro
Pediatrician by profession and currently working at the Neonatal unit at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.


Erling SvensenDr. Erling Svensen
A licensed psychologist with a PhD degree in organizational psychology, Erling is currently working as a consultant at Haukeland University Hospital. He is the co-supervisor for PhD Fellow Estomih Mduma.



VU Huyen

Huyen Vu
PhD fellow at the Department of Electrical engineering and Computer science at the University of Stavanger, Huyen is doing her PhD research on biomedical signals from the Laerdal Newborn Resuscitation Monitor



DSC_0136Dr. Hussein Lesio Kidanto
Currently working as a senior specialist in OB-GYN at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), Kidanto is the Principal Investigator for the Safer Births Project. Since 2009, he has been a member of steering committee for the National HBB project in Tanzania led by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. He is the supervisor for PhD fellows Dr. Pascal Mdoe and Dr. Robert Moshiro


DSC_0017Dr. Paschal Mdoe is an obstetrician and gynecologist currently working at Haydom Lutheran Hospital as head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is also one of the PHD fellows in the Safer Births project, doing his study on a randomized controlled trial on different fetal heart rate monitoring devices in Haydom and Muhimbili, and the role of human factors in fetal heart rate monitoring.


kjerstiProf. Kjersti Engan
Professor at the Department of Electrical engineering and Computer science at the University of Stavanger, Kjersti has her expertise within signal processing and is one of the supervisors of PhD fellow Huyen Vu.



EstoEstomih Mduma
Research Manager at Haydom Lutheran Hospital and PhD fellow at the University of Stavanger. Esto will focus his PhD on implementation research, analyzing amonst other the implementation of a randomized controlled trial in a low resource setting.


Petter andreasProf. Petter Andreas Steen
Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Oslo and leader of the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Group at the Institute for Experimental Medical Research in Oslo. Petter Andreas is co-supervisor for the PhD Candidate Dr. Monica Thallinger.




Dr. Ketil Størdal
Pediatrician by profession and currently working as a researcher at the Norwegian Public Health Institute. Ketil is the main supervisor for the PhD fellow Dr.Monica Thallinger


Prof. Knut Øymar
Professor at the University of Bergen and Pediatrician at Stavanger University Hospital. Knut is one of the co-supervisors of the PhD fellow Dr. Jørgen E. Linde



corinnaDr. Corinna Vossius
Currently the Health Director of Stavanger Municipality, Corinna, who is an medical doctor by profession also holds a PhD in health economic. She has been working on cost-benefit analysis of the Helping Babies Breathe program in Tanzania and will be conducting similar analysis related to the Safer Births Project.


Photo2 MJBurke May 2014

Dr. Martin Burke
Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Trinity College, Dublin,  Martin is working on the dry electrode technology used in the newborn heart rate sensor on the Laerdal Newborn Resuscitation Monitor.



Dr. Benjamin Kamala 
Medical Doctor specialized in Public Health Promotion & Economics. He has 8+ years consulting experience in qualitative & quantitative research, and Monitoring & Evaluation of health interventions. He is currently a PhD Fellow in the Safer Births Project working on “Evaluation of an innovative FHR monitoring device to improve perinatal outcome” at Muhimbili & Temeke Hospitals.