CIMG0368The Safer Births research is being conducted at two sites in Tanzania. The rural Haydom Lutheran Hospital, and Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam. The project is dependent on local research staff from recording labor data at each delivery using stop-watches, to collecting, plotting and sorting the data. Without the tremendous contribution from the local research staff at these sites the Safer Births Project would not have been possible.

Key Local Research Staff:



Amina Omar
Head of Labor ward in Muhimbilli National Hospital





Sara Reuben Lyanga  
Head of Maternity Department in Haydom Lutheran Hospital





Fortunata Francis
Head of Labor ward at Haydom Lutheran Hospital





Mama Kadogo
Head of Neonatal Unit at Haydom Lutheran Hospital





Monica Tippe
Midwife in Haydom Lutheran Hospital





Editha Lotto
Administration Manager at Haydom Research Institute