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Kamala B.

Kamala, B.; Kidanto, H.; Dalen, I.; Ngarina, M.; Abeid, M.; Perlman, J.; Ersdal, H. Effectiveness of a Novel Continuous Doppler (Moyo) Versus Intermittent Doppler in Intrapartum Detection of Abnormal Foetal Heart Rate: A Randomised Controlled Study in Tanzania. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 315. Read full publication here.

Lafontan S.

Rivenes Lafontan, S.; Sundby, J.; Kidanto, H.L.; Mbekenga, C.K.; Ersdal, H.L. Acquiring Knowledge about the Use of a Newly Developed Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitor: A Qualitative Study Among Birth Attendants in Tanzania. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018, 15, 2863. Read full publication here.

Kamala B.

Benjamin A. Kamala, Hege L. Ersdal, Ingvild Dalen, Muzdalifat S. Abeid, Matilda M. Ngarina, Jeffrey M. Perlman, Hussein L. Kidanto. Implementation of a novel continuous fetal Doppler (Moyo) improves quality of intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring in a resource-limited tertiary hospital in Tanzania: An observational study. Published: October 11, 2018. Read full publication here.  

Lafontan S.

Sara Rivenes Lafontan, Johanne Sundby, Hege L. Ersdal, Muzdalifat Abeid, Hussein L. Kidanto, Columba K. Mbekenga. “I was relieved to know that my baby was safe”: Women´s attitudes and perceptions on using a new electronic fetal heart rate monitor during labor in Tanzania. Health system strengthening: Health for all revisited 2018, Oslo.

Lafontan S.

Sara Rivenes Lafontan, Johanne Sundby, Hege L. Ersdal, Columba Mbekenga, Hussein Kidanto. Adaptation of a new strap-on electronic fetal heart rate monitor among birth attendants in Tanzania. Cooperation in Development of Health Services and Learning Environment First International Conference 2018, Tanga.    

Moshiro R.

Moshiro R, Ersdal H, Kidanto H, Mdoe P, Mbekenga C. Factors affecting effective ventilation during newborn resuscitation: A qualitative study among midwives in rural Tanzania. Global Health Actions 2018; 11:1, 1423862, DOI: 10.1080/16549716.2018.1423862. 

Mduma E.

Mduma E, Ersdal H, Kvaløy JT, Svensen E, Mdoe P, Perlman JM, Kidanto H, Søreide E. Using statistical process control methods to trace small changes in perinatal mortality after implementation of training program in a low-resource setting. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, in press. 

Niermeyer S.

Niermeyer S, Robertson NJ, Ersdal H. Beyond basic resuscitation: What are the next steps to improve the outcomes of resuscitation at birth when resources are limited? Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine 2018, in press. 

Lafontan S.

Lafontan S, Sundby H, Ersdal H, Abeid M, Kidanto H, Mbekenga C. I was relieved to know that my baby was safe: Women´s attitudes using an electronic fetal heart rate monitor during labor in Tanzania. A qualitative study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018. Read full publication here.

Mdoe P.

Mdoe PF, Ersdal H, Mduma E, Perlman J, Moshiro R, Wangwe P, Kidanto H. Intermittent fetal heart rate monitoring using fetoscope or hand held Doppler in rural Tanzania, including a randomized controlled study. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017. under 2nd review.   

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