Safer Births at the 8th Annual GLOBVAC Conference

On the 16th and 17th of October the 8th Annual GLOBVAC Conferene Implementation Research In Global Health was held in Bergen, Norway. Safer Births participated actively. 14 Norwegian and Tanzanian Safer Births partners had traveled to Bergen to attend what is known to be the most important Global Health Conference in Norway.   The Safer Births project had not only had 4 posters and abstracts accepted at the Conference, but also arranged a symposium entitled; Safer Birth – Not just breakthroughs, the key is follow-through: The crucial role of alliances and implementation research in developing and implementing innovative products for improved newborn care

Safer Births 1st Annual Meeting

On the 14-15 of October partners and key personnel in Safer Births will be meeting in Stavanger for the 1st annual meeting of Safer Births. The six PhD candidates, Jørgen Linde (Stavanger University Hospital), Robert Moshiro (Muhimbili National Hopital), Monica Thallinger (University of Oslo), Estomih Mduma (Haydom Luthrean Hospital), Huyen Vu (University of Stavanger) and  Pascal Mdoe (Haydom Luthrean Hospital) will be there to present their research. Key staff for the main research sites in Tanzania, such as the Assistant Director and head of Maternity of Haydom Luthrean Hopital and head of labour in Muhimbili National Hospital will also be there. On

First time in Haydom

Inspirational. That’s how I would sum up my experience at Haydom with only one word. Seeing the dedication of the hospital staff on saving lives at Haydom Lutheran Hospital was truly a rewarding experience. The journey from Stavanger to Haydom was long, using almost every means of transportation from jumbo jets and cars to small planes with an only 6-men-capacity including the pilot. This was not a leisure trip, we did this journey to bring and install a few Laerdal Newborn Resuscitation Monitors to the hospital, so we had a quite important task. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with such

The Presidents of tomorrow…

On Thursday 4th of July, the newborn resuscitation monitors were finally installed in the labor ward at Haydom Lutheran Hospital. The monitors have a heart rate sensor that displays the newborn heart rate after just 5 seconds. It also has sensors on the bag and mask that collects respiration data. This will help the midwives in their work and at the same time give us important information on what is going on in the body of the newborn. Monica, who has been a midwife in rural Tanzania for 26 year commented while training on using the machine:  “ I really like

Approved funding for Safer Births from GLOBVAC

On the 13th of February, Laerdal Global Health sent in an application for funding the research and development of four new innovative products that will help decrease newborn mortality and morbidity worldwide. Monday 10th of June, the GLOBVAC board decides on their board meeting that this project is one of two who is approved for funding. The project is called  Safer Births and with this funding the basis for extensive research and development work in mainly Norway and Tanzania is made for the next four years. The grant is made conditional. The condition is based on satisfactory documentation of the applicants’ implementation

Safer Births Symposium at the 8th Annual GlobVac Conference 2013

The conference ‘Implementation Research In Global Health’ will take place in Bergen 16th and 17th of October 2013 and is the 8th annual GlobVac conference. This week Safer Births was informed that our proposal for symposium was accepted  and  is in the program for the first day of the conference October 16th at 17.15-18.45. The symposium is entitled: “Safer Births – Not just breakthroughs, the key is follow-through: The crucial role of alliances and implementation research in developing and implementing innovative products for improved newborn care and survival” . The symposium will include three lectures by key personnel in the Safer Births project,

Safer Births at Nordic Midwifery Congress 2013

The Nordic Midwifery Congress 2013 is being held in Oslo on the 13th and 14th of June. Amongst the presenters at the conference is Safer Births  Project Manager Dr. Hege Ersdal, who yesterday held two presentations on implementation related to newborn resuscitation.Her presentations "Low-cost Simulation – Based Training reduces early neonatal mortality"  and "A one day “Helping Babies Breathe” course improved simulated performance but not clinical management of neonates" are based on the findings from implementing Helping Babies Breathe at Haydom Lutheran Hospital as well as 7 other hospitals in Tanzania. "It is very nice to be able to present to such an

Award to Safer Births Principal Investigator for most valuable scientific article

Marie Spångberg’s award is awarded every year by the Norwegian Doctors Association. The price goes to the female medical scientist who has made the most valuable scientific article in the passing year. The award is named after the first Norwegian female doctor, Marie Spångberg. For 2012 this award was given to Dr. Hege Ersdal, principal investigator for the Safer Births study.   Hege Ersdal received her PhD from the University of Oslo in November of 2012 entitled “Appropriate Interventions to Reduce Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity in Low-Resourced Settings”, including three articles published in Pediatrics, Neonatology and Resuscitation: 1. Ersdal HL, Mduma E, Svensen

Support to Haydom Research Institute from the Laerdal Foundation

  The Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine has granted support to the  research institute at Haydom, Haydom Global Health Institute, in order to maintain and further develop this unique research infrastructure in rural Tanzania. Haydom Global Health Institute started with only two employees and one room in 2009, since then it has grown rapidly both in quantity and quality. Today the research institute has 52 employees and is in the process of expanding the research container building  (photo) with extra storage and a lab. Since 2009, the research institute has mainly focused on two large projects; Towards MDG 4&5 including the Helping Babies

Laerdal Foundation grants PhD Scholarships to Safer Births Researchers

Dr. Jørgen E. Linde and Dr. Monica Thallinger have both been granted PhD scholarships from the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine for their research at Haydom. Dr. Linde, who is living in Haydom, has received funding for the remaining time of his PhD. Currently he is investigating data collected since 2009 at Haydom on “Time to cord clamp” in seconds and effect on neonatal survival. He will also analyze signal data from the Newborn Resuscitation Monitor to find out more about cardiac transition at birth, how cord clamping affects newborn heart rate, and beneficial ventilation parameters if a baby needs bag

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