Holte K.

Holte K, Ersdal H, Chang C, Haug I, Purington C, Eilevstjønn J, Mduma E, Kidanto H, Størdal K. Heart rate changes during stimulation, suctioning and ventilation: Evaluation of Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) newborn resuscitation in Tanzania. Presented PAS 2017. 

Haug I.

Haug I, Chang C, Holte K, Purington C, Eilevstjønn J, Yeconia A, Kidanto H, Ersdal H. Video analysis of workflow during neonatal resuscitations (NR) after Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) training. Presented PAS 2017. 

Mdoe P.

Mdoe P, Gomo Ø, Haug I, Myklebust H, Lyanga S, Ersdal H. Frequent bag mask ventilation (BMV) training with immediate feedback improves skills and confidence among midwives in a rural low resource setting (LRS), Tanzania. Presented PAS 2017. 

Purington C.

Purington C, Haug I, Blacy L, Eilevstjønn J, Chang C, Perlman J, Ersdal H. Use Of Suctioning During Actual Neonatal Resuscitations And Effects On Heart Rate, After Simulation-Based “Helping Babies Breathe” Training. Presented IMSH 2017 

Haug I

Haug I, Purington C, Eilevstjønn J, Brunner S, Blacy L, Ersdal H. Video analysis of workflow during real neonatal resuscitations after simulation-based “Helping babies Breathe” training. SESAM 2016, oral presentation 

Moshiro R.

Moshiro R, Ersdal H, Mduma E, Mdoe P, Kidanto H, Mbekenga C. Factors affecting effective ventilation during newborn resuscitation after HBB training, in rural Tanzania. SESAM 2016, Presented poster  

Nelissen E.

Nelissen E, Ersdal H, Mduma E, Evjen-Olsen B, Broerse J, van Roosmalen J, Stekelenburg J. Retention of knowledge, skills, and confidence after simulation-based training in obstetric care. Oral presentation, SESAM Conference in Poznan, June 2014 

Mduma E.

Mduma E, Ersdal HL, Svensen E, Perlman J. Low-dose high-frequency simulation training reduces early neonatal mortality.  Oral Presentation IMSH 2014, US. Overall 1st Prize Award

Ersdal H.

Ersdal HL; Vossius C; Bayo E; Mduma E; Perlman J; Lippert A; Søreide E. A one-day simulation course improved simulated performance seven months later, but not clinical management. Presented IMSH 2014, US. 

Ersdal H.

HL Ersdal, E Mduma, Linde JE, JM Perlman. Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) Training is Associated with Decreased 24-hours neonatal mortality, and unchanged neonatal mortality beyond 24-hours. Presented Globvac October 2013, Bergen, Norway

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